Spring Hunt 2007


Spring Hunt Group

In 2007 HRRS decided to bring back its Spring Hunt. This event is open only to HRRS Members and their families and helps to promote interaction with our club members outside the monthly meetings. Despite a little rain this event was a lot of fun and we had a good turn out of HRRS members.


The 2007 Spring Hunt proved to be a little bit of a challenge ,with a Nor 'easter due to come in the area later that evening. We thought we would have plenty of time to get the hunt in before it started raining. Later we would find out that the forecasters were wrong.

We started gathering around 9:45 with a light cool breeze and over cast skies. A special thanks to Susan and Robert Hayes for showing up earlier to set up the hunt field.

Gathering for Hunt

A quick explanation of the rules and the group was off to find the various tokens and coinage already seeded within the hunt area for the Warm-Up Hunt.


The Warm-Up Hunt was a great time for everyone to get their gear set up and for some of our newer and youngest members to see what their detecting equipment could do and how they could fine tune their skills to get ready for the main hunt..

After about 20 minutes the Warm-Up Hunt was over and the field was quickly seeded for the main event hunt. We had to move fast as the rain forecasted for later that evening arrived early. With a drizzle of rain coming down the main hunt started. Everyone rapidly covering the field to get as many coins and tokens as possible.

After 30 minutes and everyone just about soaked we called it a day and moved the prize handout ceremony to the lower level of the nearby parking garage. Of course as we arrived and started setting up the prizes the rain stopped.

It's safe to say though that everyone was having so much fun that the rain factored in very little for dampening the days events.


Prizes ranging from hats and detecting gear to special series edition coins were handed to those finding tokens during the hunt. I'm pretty sure everyone went home with at least one prize and assorted coinage from both hunts.

Special thanks to both Susan and Robert Hayes for putting together a fantastic group of prizes.

I wasn't able to get everyones photo, so I apologize for those not pictured above. Please bring your prizes to next months meeting and I'll make sure you get added.

With the end of the 2007 Spring Hunt I can say that I am really excited and looking forward to out Fall Hunt. Good Friends and fellow HRRS members made the Spring Hunt a succes and we will continue to have it each year as long as our members are still interested. Thanks to all those that participated.


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