Fall Hunt 2008


22nd Annual Treasures in the Sand

October 11th 2008 , HRRS held its annual Fall Hunt. This year the event was held again at the Yorktown Beach in beautiful Yorktown, VA. We had over 25 participants registered this year and 10 Children registered for our Kids Only Hunt.


Setup for our event started pretty early this year. We started setting up at 6am. Its the behind the scenes work and setup as well as a ton of preparation by some dedicated members that we are able to have a successful event.

Once again we were treated to a gorgeous sunrise as we set up and seeded the hunt field for the first hunt. Registration Started at 8am and there were many people eager to check in and start looking over the great prizes that were available this year.
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After our registration period we hold a short meeting to review the rules and regulations. Since our event draws people from all around the area from New Jersey to the Carolina's, its important to go over the local rules and restrictions, especially so close to the Yorktown Historical Area.

First Hunt, Warming Up

Our first hunt of the day got started at 9am. With an eager group of people waiting around the marked off area we began our club hunt. We had previously seeded the beach area with various tokens and coins as well as a few surprise gifts. In no time we were hearing the familiar woohoo's! as our hunters found prize tokens and the buried treasures.

Our first hunt is a great opportunity to make sure that all our participants detectors are working properly and helps build on the higher stakes hunts of the silver and gold hunts later in the day. You would think that with so many people covering a small area of beach that all the items would be found in under 5 minutes. Well since everyone has either a different detector or a style the first hunt can last 30 minutes or more to find every single metal object buried.


Second Adult Hunt - Silver

Our second hunt is where it really starts to get interesting and peoples spirit of competition really started to flow and you notice that everyone has gotten used to their machine and the hunt field. You also notice people working their detectors and covering the beach more rapidly. I wonder if it was the high price of silver these days that got everyone motivated.

During our silver hunt we seed with nothing but silver coins and various prize tokens. As usual we had a great selection of prizes and the coins were plentiful. If you didn't find anything then your detector was broke or you were moving way to slow.

Our Kid's Hunt

Each year we set aside a portion of the beach to have a kids only hunt. This hunt is unique as adults are not allowed to help until after a certain amount of time and each child is given a set square that has been previously seeded with coins and tokens and other prizes just for them.

This year we had 10 kids participate and all walked away with some great prizes and a fun experience.

Be prepared though to do a little extra planning if you want to have this type of hunt with your club. Our Kids Hunt is all about fun and encouraging our youngest members to use the equipment correctly to find everything buried.

Thanks to Jack, John and Maureen for all the hard work.

Third Adult Hunt - Gold

After lunch our adult hunts starts up the afternoon with an optional Gold Hunt. Our club collects additional fees from those to participate in this hunt. With prices what they are this hunt is very expensive these days to hold.

HRRS prides itself in having a lot of items to find during this hunt and between the tokens and gold coinage there is indeed an abundance of treasure to track down and reveal in the hunt field.

It wasn't long before all the items were found though and this proved to be our quickest hunt of the day.


Final Adult Hunt

The final hunt of the day got started at 1:30 and included a mass mixture of Clad, Silver and Tokens. Any tokens or coins missed from the first three hunts would certainly be open to find during this last effort to get as much as you could as fast as you could.

By 2 o'clock the day of hunting the beach for coins and tokens was over. I think only one person remained to scan up until the time limit, now that's dedication and someone that enjoys their hobby.

Unlike last year where a few tokens were not found or redeemed, this year that was not the case as every token seeded was found and redeemed.

Other than having the wind gust and flip over our shade canopy for our prize tables, the weather was gorgeous.



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