Spring Hunt 2008


Our Spring Members Only Hunt is now back on the regular schedule of Club events. After bringing back this event in 2007 we wanted to keep it going this year as well. This event is open only to HRRS Members and their families and helps to promote interaction with our club members outside the monthly meetings. Similar to last years spring hunt we had weather issues that threatened to cause a bit of havoc, but this year the rain did actually hold off until we were done.

Threats of thunderstorms loomed in the forecast for Saturday and when we started gathering there were certainly a lot of ominous clouds. Seeding the field proved to be interesting as the wet sand from rain the night before was causing the coins to bounce off as you threw them down.

You can see from this photo the beach marked out and the dark rain clouds in the background above the bridge. While we agreed that the hunt would be rain or shine due to us already having the permit we kept a watchful eye and ear our for any lightening and thunder.

We had a quick review of the rules and then we were off to hunting to get the warm up hunt out of the way and everyone used to the conditions.

For some this was their first competition hunt as well as their first beach hunt. Members young and old took to the beach in hopes of finding coins or the elusive prize tokens. I am always amazed at how this might look to the outsider driving or walking by seeing all these people walking back and forth over a beach. The effort involved to keep from bumping into each other and to give each other enough space as not to effect their machine is also something that must be seen to appreciate.

After a brief break to reseed the field with tokens and coins. We started our second hunt. The sun decided to break through the clouds. This helped to brighten things up and make the second hunt much more enjoyable.

Every once an awhile you'd hear someone shout that they had found a token and in general I think everyone had a good time. We attracted a few spectators as well, which is always good for letting people know about our club and our hobby.

By the end of the second hunt everyone was eager to see what tokens matched up with which prizes. As always Susan and Robert went out of there way to collect some unique prizes. Have you seen the price of silver lately? WOW! With a large selection of prizes and plenty of tokens the prizes took a little while to distribute.

I honestly think everyone got at least one token during the hunts and I'm sure eveyone found plenty of coins for the amount that was seeded in the hunt field. We even had some unexpected finds. Be sure to come by the next meeting to see what they were.

We were able to get all of the prizes handed out and a few more photos before the rain finally started. Talk about perfect timing. While I didn't get to take everyones photo I'm sure eveyone had a great time. Below are the photos that I was able to get.


I'd like to personally thank everyone that attended and give a special thank you to Susan and Robert Hayes for organizing the event. They always do a fantastic job and HRRS is very appreciative. From setting up the play field to getting the necessary permits and purchasing the prizes and organizing them with all the tokens. It's a lot of work and the results are always great.

Barry Merrill - HRRS President


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