Fall Club Hunt 2009


Our Fall Club Hunt was restructured this year to be a Members Only Hunt. After last years stressful time during the Hurricane season our Club voted to move the Public Hunt to the Spring and make our Fall Hunt into a Club Only Event.
On Saturday September 12th we gathered at Buckroe Beach in Hampton VA with Permission Badges in hand. We had about 25 members present with 16 people participating in the actual hunt. The weather was fantastic, not too hot and plenty of sun with a few high stray clouds. The beach was in good shape and I was told that prior to the hunt several people made some interesting finds while waiting for the hunt to start.

As we waited to get started a few members new to competition hunting received some informal training from some of our members that volunteered to show them the ropes of competing in a metal detecting hunt of this type.

After the hunt field was seeded with tokens and other coinage our warm up hunt began at 10am. Check out some of the photos below of the first hunt.

After the Warm up hunt we started seeding the field with all sorts of prize tokens. As a general rule and to keep things fair, tokens are only placed on the hunt field by those not participating in the actual hunt. From keys, to colored fishing weights to other sorts of tokens the field is seeded with such a large variety of materials that if you discriminate any type of metal out you're probably going to limit what you find.

Our major hunt of the day began around 10:40 am and lasted until 11:10am. After a heated 30 minutes there were only a few people finding a coin or two. The hunt field had been picked clean of all the tokens and most of the coinage.


Our Prizes

As always our Hunt Masters did a fantastic job of putting together a large variety of different prizes. From sand scoops to coins and even a Tesoro detector were up for grabs. Everyone eagerly awaited seeing what there prize tokens would award them for all their efforts.

I'm pretty sure just about everyone that participated in the club hunt this Fall walked away with at least one prize. From our youngest member to our oldest member I'm sure its safe to say that everyone enjoyed the day, the camaraderie, as well as the prizes that they won. In short it was a good time had by all, spectator and participant.

Congratulations Frankie on winning the Tesoro Metal Detector.

A special Thank You to our Hunt Masters Susan and Robert for their outstanding prize selection and organization of the event. It was great to be at Buckroe Beach and the Club as well as myself appreciate all your work with the Parks and Recreation Department to make this Club event possible.

Thank You,
Barry Merrill - HRRS President


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