Fall Hunt 2010


Our Fall Hunt was held on September 11th this year on a gorgeous day at the beach. We had about 15 members present with 11 people participating in the actual hunt. The beach was in great shape having just been cleaned. Actually they were finishing up as we were setting up. Temperatures were nice and pleasant with some stray clouds and a light wind keeping it nice.

The Hunt Field was once again very large to accommodate everyone. I believe the average hit ration based on the amount of people that participated was 40 per person. So even though we had a smaller crowd there was certainly a lot in the hunt field to find as my throwing arm can attest to. Shortly after 9am we started with our warm up hunt to get everyone acclimated to the beach and their equipment. As you can see from the photos below it really was a fantastic day weather wise.

After our Warm up hunt it was time to get ready for the main event. All tokens were seeded in the field by someone not participating in the hunt to keep things on the up and up. Those of us that seeded the field can tell you it can wear your arms out fast. Think of it this way. Pitch a ball about a 1,000 times at the sand in front of you as hard as you can while walking across hot sand and you come close to the experience. But its all worth it to see everyone scrambling over the hunt field to find anything and everything they can. Some of our members even found a few special items that were not even seeded during the hunt. Some jewelry, hair pins and a few foreign coins were some of the items I heard people talking about afterwards.


Our Prizes

Well we couldn't give away a detector this year as our turnout was lower than normal, but as always our Hunt Masters did a great job of putting together a variety of different prizes. While holographic, painted and certified coins topped the list, they also had special detecting equipment like scoops, digging tools and a variety of books and other accessories. One of the most unique prizes was a hand drawn color sketch artfully done by one of our very own members. Everyone was hoping to have found the prize token for this one of a kind piece of art.

Our group may have been a bit smaller this year but we certainly had a lot of fun. Fantastic weather, fantastic fun, and a fantastic collection of "I Want That" prizes to win. You really couldn't wish for a better time to spend with friends. Thank you to all those that make this a fun event each year.


Thank You to our Hunt Masters Susan and Robert for their great prize selection and organization of the event. The Club as well as myself appreciate all your work to make this Club event possible as well as a success each year.

Thank You,
Barry Merrill - HRRS President


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