Spring Hunt 2010


Our Spring Hunt was held a bit later this year but technically it was still held during the spring. Albeit it wasn't very spring weather. More like late summer, Hot - towards 90 degrees with a constant light wind with some stronger gust thrown in occasionally kicking up the sand. We had about 16 members present with 12 people participating in the actual hunt. The beach was in good shape having just been cleaned. There was plenty of coffee and donuts to go around while we waited for everyone to show up and set up the hunt field.


The Hunt Field was quite large this year. We had plenty of room to spread out without bumping in to each other and it was an interesting challenge to get the hunt field seeded within such a large area to keep everything fair as well as have a large assortment of targets. At a little after 9am we got started with everyone eager to warm up their skills and find everything as quickly as possible.

Hey where did everyone go? Everyone must be at the other end of the hunt field.

After our Warm up hunt it was time for the main event. We took about 20 minutes to seed the field and let the wind do its work. As hot as it was everyone was eager to start, but the wind had actually helped out to keep the playing field in good shape. It was almost like hutting in fresh untouched sand each time we started.


Our Prizes

As always our Hunt Masters did a great job of putting together a variety of different prizes even though we had a smaller turnout than in previous club hunts. Holographic coins to decorative knives to even some gift cards to local businesses. There were unique prizes to choose from to meet a variety of interests.

From our youngest member to our oldest member I'm sure its safe to say that everyone enjoyed the day, the camaraderie, as well as the prizes that they won. I appreciate those members that came out to enjoy the day and this special event. It truly is a lot of fun.


Thank You to our Hunt Masters Susan and Robert for their great prize selection and organization of the event. The Club as well as myself appreciate all your work to make this Club event possible.

Thank You,
Barry Merrill - HRRS President


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