Spring Hunt 2011


Our Spring Hunt was held on April 16th this year on a very cold, cloudy and windy day at Buckroe Beach in Hampton. We had 17 members present with 8 people participating in the actual hunt. The beach was in pretty good shape after some recent sand replenishment but boy was it windy. As with all of our member only hunts we have a practice hunt and a main hunt. Normally we take 15 minutes and 30 minutes respectively with time prior used for seeding the clad coins and prize tokens of various materials. Prize tokens are always seeded by someone who is not hunting to keep everything fair. Below are photos from the days events. While it was cloudy and windy I think most had a good time, including those that came out just to cheer everyone on.

After the warm up hunt we took a break and the sun actually came out for a little while. Even a pair of pelicans decided to show up for the hunt. (See photos below)

Warm up hunt all done and the field reseeded we proceeded on to the main hunt. This is where things can really get interesting as the prize tokens are more plentiful and people are eager to find as many as they can.

Our Prizes

I think everyone that hunted this year got at least one prize. With the relatively low turn out (due to weather I imagine) you stood a very good chance at getting something nice. We handed out very nice proof sets, some detecting gear and some very nice silver coins.

All in all I think everyone had a great day. We even did a little community service by giving an unfortunate Hummer owner a jump after his battery died.

Events like these are not easy to put together and they are time consuming to get everything ready and organized. Collecting the right assortment of prizes with the current precious metal prices going up and up is even harder to keep things reasonable and within budget. Our Hunt Masters Susan and Robert always do a great job.

The Club as well as myself appreciate all the work our Hunt Masters do to make this Club event possible as well as a success each year.

Thank You,
Barry Merrill - HRRS President


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