Spring Hunt 2012


Our Spring Hunt was held on April 14th this year on a gorgeous day at Buckroe Beach in Hampton. The weather was considerably different than our cold and windy group sessions we had been having thus far this year. Last year's Spring hunt was cold, extremely windy, and overcast so the improvement in weather was greatly appreciated by all that attended. We had 16 members present and 11 people participating in the actual hunt.The beach was also in really good condition too due to a recent replenishment of new sand. While just a slight breeze blew every once and awhile the temperature was quite comfortable.

As you can see from the photos we truly had a great day for a hunt.
As usual we had a quick 15 minute warm up hunt to make sure everybody's
machines were working and could locate the many coins placed in the hunt field.
We had an approximate hit ratio of 25-30 hits per person with the
amount of coinage in the warm up hunt field so there was plenty to find.

This was my first competition hunt and I had a great time just finding the handful of dimes, nickels, quarters, and half dollars I was able to locate. While I don't notch out anything, or mess around too much with my machines settings I perfected the art of finding dimes it seems. At least that was what I had the most luck finding quickly.
Yes that's me in the orange/tan hoodie in the photos below.

After the warmup hunt our field was setup for our main hunt.
Clad coinage was seeded by a few people and our prize tokens were seeded by a few of our members (Mary D and Bunnie D.) who were not participating in the hunt which was a big help. Normally this is something I do but since I was participating this year in the hunt I could not. At HRRS we pride ourselves on making sure all our competitions are fully on the up and up so things remain fair and no chance of anyone thinking their may be favoritism taking place.

After another 25 minutes we concluded our main hunt and proceeded to clean up the flags marking our hunt filed. Every once and while not all the coins and tokens that are seeded during the timed events are found so this is a chance for those not participating in the competition to try their detecting skills out as well. This year we had 2 tokens that were not found during the competition but were recovered after the hunt was over thanks to some of our diligent members taking the time to go over the hunt field again, while not under the pressure of a clock counting down.

Prize Time

Prize time is that time when you finally get to see what prizes your tokens are good for. Susan and Robert our hunt masters always put a lot of thought and time into the prize selections. They use the hunt fees to purchase a great assortment of metal detecting gear and various collectable coins. Hours of searching websites, flea markets and coins shops to get the most for the clubs money to make sure everyone that is lucky enough to find a token can enjoy a pretty decent prize. If memory serves everyone this year found at least one token so its always fund to see everyone get a chance at the prize tables.


Our grand prize this year was an entry into our Fall hunt ($100 value). Not too bad for a $25 investment to have some fun. While everyone who participates is a winner at our club hunts I have to say that I really enjoy the fellowship the most. HRRS is a great group of people that I happen to share a fun hobby with. We have a good time and encourage each other to excel at metal detecting. It doesn't get much better than that!

A quick Thank You to Susan and Robert our Hunt Masters for taking the time out of their busy schedules to coordinate our Spring Hunt competition.
Your hard work is appreciated by everyone.
I'd also like to thank Susan for taking the photos this year during the hunt.
It was a big help since I was not able to. Barry Merrill HRRS President



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