Fall Hunt 2013


Our Fall Hunt was held on September 7th at 9am at Buckroe Beach in Hampton. We had a fantastic weather day with mild temperatures and a few stray clouds. The beach was nearly vacant which was really surprising to me with such great weather. We had 15 members present and 10 people participating in the hunt.


Getting Started and Setting up hunt field

Beautiful day. Freshly cleaned and level hunt field made set up a breeze.

Warm up Hunt

Our warm up hunt is a chance for everyone to check out their detectors, batteries and other equipment to make sure everything works under the current conditions. There are usually a few tokens and some trinkets like key chains available and lots of coinage to really get the detectors pinging.


Kids Hunt

Even though our Fall Hunt was a Club members only event this year we decided to continue the tradition of having a kids hunt so our youngest members could participate in the activities. The hunt field is considerably smaller and adults are encouraged to help and cheer on the kids as they search for tokens and coinage. Below are some photos of our Kids Hunt and prizes that were presented to our junior hunters.


Main Hunt

This is where things get serious. More coinage and a lot more tokens are in the hunt field to find. You have to dig everything because the tokens are various types of metals. Discriminate anything out and you risk missing out on a token. Its great to watch these events too from the side line. While I have participated I enjoy encouraging our hunters on and fielding questions from the public as they walk by and witness the spectacle of a competition hunt.


Prize Time

Prizes this year ranged from metal detecting gear to coin books to some very nice silver coins. Below are some photos of the prizes and the winners of those prizes.

Susan and Robert our hunt masters once again I applaud you for all the effort you place in purchasing the prizes and arranging the hunt. I know this takes a lot of time and your efforts are greatly appreciated by not only me but the entire club. Thanks!

Well we had a great day. Not too hot and a lot of fun getting together and swapping stories. As always if you would like to participate in our club events be sure to keep an eye on the calendar tab or our home page for announcements to our upcoming events. Visitors are always welcome to stop by our meetings or our events to see what we are all about. We have members from all age groups and experience levels. Hope to see you at one of our meetings or events in the future.

Barry Merrill- HRRS President.



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