Spring Hunt 2014


Our Spring Hunt was held on May 10 this year on a warm partly cloud day.

We had a great turn out with 15 participants and many spectators to cheer them on. Temperatures were warm with a breeze so it wasn't too bad. Photos of the events and prizes as well as prize winners are below.

YouTube link of the Spring Hunt Event Click Here

Getting Started and Setting up hunt field

Warm up Hunt


Main Hunt



Prize Tables


"You Guess" Winners

This year our hunt masters introduced a new challenge to our hunters. The You Guess game. Four containers were set up with one object in each container. The objects were hidden from everyone and each person was given an opportunity to use their metal detector to guess what the object was inside just by the type of readings or tone they received from their particular detector. The person guessing the object correctly got a point and the ones with the most points were awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place based on the accuracy of their guesses.

Our Prize Winners

As I say every time an event of this nature take a bit of planning long before the actual event. Prizes have to be purchased and matched to particular tokens. Planning out the hunts for which tokens are used as well as clad coin purchases and getting everything together before the hunt and setting up at the hunt takes some doing. Our Hunt Masters Susan And Robert once again provided a great selection of prizes and the addition of the You Guess game was a big hit. Thanks for all you do to make our events so successful.

Another hunt comes to a close and we look forward to our next one. These types of events are great for the club as well as the community that gets to see what we are all about. Finding Stuff and Having Fun!

Take care and I hope to see you at the next meeting.

Barry Merrill- HRRS President.



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