March 2014 Relic Hunt

On a very very cold day in March the Hampton Roads Recovery
Society traveled to King and Queen Court House Virginia for a rare relic hunt. While our club generally hunts on our local beaches, its rare for us to get together as a group to hunt in the dirt for metal detecting finds called relics. While you never know what you are going to find the chances are good that most will have a good time trying something new and experiencing the other aspect of metal detecting beyond combing the beaches. Picks, shovels, digging tools and pin pointers in addition to knee pads and some good gloves are added to the metal detector armament. When relic hunting its a bit more gear to carry but the potential to find something unusual that has been buried under several inches of dirt for many many years is exciting.

We were afforded the opportunity to hunt on over 1300 acres of rolling farm land far off the beaten path. We found a ton of farming equipment bits and pieces, plenty of bullets and shells, a few rare coins and some old military buttons to name but a few things our members found. While many of us are probably still carefully cleaning everything we found, below are just some of the pictures I was able to capture during the event and the items that some of our members and I were able to locate.

Thank you to the Triangle Hunt club for hosting our event. Your hospitality was greatly appreciated and we are looking forward to our next trip. Hopefully it will be a bit warmer though.

Barry Merrill - HRRS President

Alex's YouTube link of huis day relic hunting.

I am still collecting photos of the other finds so check back in a bit for more photos.


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