May 2013 Relic Hunt

Generally speaking as a club when we get together its usually on a public beach somewhere. The sand is easy to dig and parking is plentiful for our members to get together for an organized hunt with prizes or for a group session to get together in a non-competitive way and hand out a few brochures. Well on May 18th HRRS was afforded a fantastic opportunity to hunt an old farm as a group from a very gracious land owner. Despite a stormy start to the day we were able to hunt rain free. Below are just a few pictures I was able to take while excitedly hunting the property.

Our members were able to find items ranging from old coinage, military buttons, random pieces of old farm equipment, old silverware, to the occasional beer can. Many times during the day you could hear an excited shout or a gleeful chuckle coming from random spots on the property as people found their own unique treasures that they would be sharing at the next meeting.

A club our size is not often afforded the opportunity to have a relic hunt together so we are very grateful. This was in fact my first opportunity in my many years detecting to actually give relic hunting a try so finding anything was a huge treat for me. I would like to applaud our members for respecting the property and filling all your holes. I learned a lot while watching our clubs more experienced relic hunters and look forward to relic hunting again.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Marsh as well as our land owner Mr. Marshall for arranging this unique chance to experience relic hunting as a club.

Barry Merrill - HRRS President




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